BLOWN FILM DIVISION consists of LDPE Plastic ( Low Density Poly Ethylene) with capacity more than 300 Ton / Month, HDPE Plastic ( High Density Poly Ethylene) with capacity more than 100 Ton / Month, and PP Plastic ( Poly Propylene) with capacity more than 300 Ton / Month.


BLOW MOLDING/INJECTION DIVISION consists of Injection Blow Machines with capacity more than 30 Million Bottle / Month for producing milk and Similar products. Around 500 thousands / Month for oil jarican and similar products and around 500 thousands / Month for the production of cosmetic packaging bottles , floor cleaners and similar products.



FLEXIBLE PACKAGING DIVISION consists of Printing machine with high speed and good control , ensure the print speed and reliable quality , with a capacity around 9 million meters / month. Lamination machine powered by dry lamination machine , wet lamination and Extrusion Coating , makes us ready to serve the needs of the consumer with a capacity around 11 million meters / month. Reliable Slitting Machine with good control and can produce  with 250 meters / 11 million capacity per month and Bag Making Machine can produce various kinds of packaging bags ( three side seal , center seal , gusset seal ) with a capacity around 3 million bags / month .



Supporting Facilities :

Floor Hardener & Epoxy
Production Room equipped with floor hardener and epoxy paints ensure the cleanliness of our products.

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